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Nagaland: DUDA is ‘pocket-money’ department of state government: Rising People’s Party

DUDA Guest House Kohima

RPP alleged that the state government does not have a blueprint for the development of eastern Nagaland and the border areas. “DUDA simply exists to inflate the bank balance of individuals”, claimed RPP.

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Rising People’s Party (RPP), a political party in Nagaland on Saturday claimed that it has in its possession, thousands of work-orders issued by the Department of Underdeveloped Areas (DUDA) pertaining to projects in the eastern sector of the state and the border areas.

In a note addressed to editors of news dailies, RPP president Joel Naga said that the “initial idea” of the party was to publish the names of the projects (yearly-wise). However, RPP found is “simply impossible” as for the year 2011-12, there are 270 projects or 270 work-orders issued as no newspapers will be able to publish the same as news item for “want of space”.

The note stated, “Therefore, we felt that since many firms have been issued multiple work orders, it’s easier to publish the names of the firms instead”. Accordingly, RPP prepared a chart/table for publication.

“On behalf of the party, your esteemed paper is requested to publish our chart table (along with our write-up) even though there might be space constrain. Since we have the Work-Orders for the past 10 years, we’ll be sending over 10 chart-tables over the next few weeks”.

The RPP said that under the Underdeveloped Area Programme (UDAP) and Border Area Development Programme (BADP), the central government is pumping in a colossal amount of funds every year for the development of eastern Nagaland and other pockets in the state, including international border areas.

The party has in its possession thousands of work orders amounting to hundreds of Crores issued from 2011-12 till date for works under the two schemes.

“Going through the documents, it’s easy to conclude that had all the money been judiciously utilized, eastern Nagaland should be decently developed by now. Instead of developing priority sectors such as hospitals, schools, sporting facilities, and good roads, etc., precious funds seem to have been spent on constructing endless retaining walls, footsteps, culverts, helipads, etc.”, said RPP.

The party pointed out that it was “unbelievable that DUDA contractors should be able to construct so many guest houses in remote areas with the modest amount of Rs. 4, 75, 000/- only. Also, as per the work orders, eastern Nagaland should be the highest exporter of ginger and cardamom in the entire Northeast by now. There is no other explanation for such absurdity except that there seems to be a syndicate involving Ministers and power-brokers in the government because it’s the same firm or firms which keep getting multiple work-orders year after year to construct endless rostrums, guest houses, culverts, playgrounds, footsteps, etc.”

RPP alleged that the state government does not have a blueprint for the development of eastern Nagaland and the border areas. “DUDA simply exists to inflate the bank balance of individuals”, claimed RPP.

“Thus, the allegation that DUDA funds is essentially meant for less savoury purposes, such as placating disgruntled MLAs, and is the pocket-money department of Nagaland government is amply true”, RPP pointed out.

The note said that RPP will be serializing yearly-wise the amount allocated to DUDA in the days and weeks to come. According to the department, the amount allocated for 2011-12 is Rs. 49. 65 Crores.

The 2011-12 funding/work pattern is shown in the table below:

Sl. No.Name of the firmNumber of Work-Orders allocated to the firm for 2011-12Total amount sanctioned to the firm under UDAP and BADP in Rs.
1.      M/S R.K Construction163, 76,20,000  
2.      M/S Jorlemp Enterprise223, 60,05,000
3.      M/S Mopa Enterprise153,18,25,000
4.      M/S Haowong Thai & Sons162,55,39,000
5.      M/S H. Khampong162,04,25,000
6.      M/S Bendang Kejong132,02,35,000
7.      M/S L. Haomang Konyak & sons51,58,65,000
8.      M/S T. Wangdun Konyak41,46,30,000
9.      M/S Suryanath Singh131,41,55,000
10.   M/S Kuiyipu & Co.161,40,90,000
11.   M/S CKL Construction31,13,05,000
12.   M/S D. Yongnyak699,70,900
13.   M/S Wangnao Construction796,90,000
14.   M/S C. Levi and Co.1395,00,000
15.   M/S C. Akai Taolem984,55,000
16.   M/S M. Akai Konyak880,75,000
17.   M/S T. Akhumba Yim379,80,000
18.   M/S Sammy Konyak479,80,000
19.   M/S W. Bendang Chang575,05,000
20.   M/S Y. Yiangpong Konyak375,05,000
21.   M/S D. Mangne Ailly571,25,000
22.   M/S A. Pongshi Phom271,25,000
23.   M/S Casa Enterprise370,30,000
24.   M/S P. Apong Chang465,55,000
25.   M/S P. Mantok Phom661,65,000
26.   M/S Dennis Zeliang747,50,000
27.   M/S M.K. Construction442,75,000
28.   M/S Muru Construction Co.342,75,000
29.   M/S Techno Builders242,75,000
30.   M/S Ngampa Konyak238,00,000
31.   M/S T. Asu Construction138,00,000
32.   M/S Ntsenthung Tungoe333,25,000
33.   M/S P. Honpe Konyak & Sons523,75,000
34.   M/S Mongzar Enterprise219,00,000
35.   M/S Multi-builders119,00,000
36.   M/S Nokpen Konyak119,00,000
37.   M/S C. Ongkhum & brothers417,10,000
38.   Others1796,90,000
 Grand total270 Work-orders40, 03,39,900/- Crore

RPP said that if any publicly spirited individuals want to access the work-orders in its possession, the party can be reached at [email protected]

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