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Manipur Election 2022: Ch Bijoy irked by ‘self-seekers’ who have dented BJP

Ch Bijoy

“Now the BJP Manipur Pradesh is filled with fakes who do not know the party constitution, its ideology or the core agenda of the party. Self-seekers have overran the party”, says the party’s former chief spokesperson Ch Bijoy who had been expelled recently.

TFM Report

Few days after the Bharatiya Janata Party Manipur Pradesh president A Sharda expelled him from the party for six years for alleged breach of party discipline, former chief spokesperson Ch Bijoy on Saturday candidly expressed dismay over the affairs of the party in the run-up to the Manipur Assembly Election 2022.

In an exclusive interview to The Frontier Manipur, Bijoy explained the sequence of events that have led to his expulsion from the primary membership of the party. He alleged that he was being expelled by those who had vested interests in the party.

The former BJP spokesperson said that under the party’s constitution, a party member can be expelled following certain procedures. And these procedure include, serving a call for explanation, discussion of the issue by state disciplinary action committee and forwarding the same to the central disciplinary action committee. Bijoy alleged that none of these were followed and that there was a conspiracy behind this action of the state BJP president.

Literally irked by the latest move by the state BJP, Bijoy felt that the party is now dominated by new faces whose contribution to the growth of the party in the state were almost nil or negligible. Most of these leaders are self-serving individuals.  “I am not against BJP but I am against the state BJP members who are all fakes, and the original BJP members have been side-lined by power seeking individuals”, Bijoy said. The former BJP spokesperson was piqued by the state BJP’s rationale behind granting party tickets to some individuals.

He also intimately narrated how he was drawn to the BJP ideology since his university days in Delhi. He pointed out that the real BJP stood against black money, corruption and dynastic rule etc., and this stand of the party drew him towards self-less service in the last many years.

Watch the full interview here:

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