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Luita Phanit 2023 begins with festive gaiety in Phungcham village


The festival is being observed at Phungcham Village, considered to be one of the oldest Tangkhul villages. It is believed to be a dispersing point for a group of people who migrated from Makhel.

By Tennoson Pheiray, TFM Ukhrul Correspondent

The three day long seed sowing festival of Phungcham village began on Wednesday with festive zest. Jordan Pheirei, Social Worker, attended the opening ceremony as Chief Guest and Phokreingam Pheirei, Chairman VDC of Phungcham Village was the guest of honour.

Speaking at the occasion, Jordan Pheirei lauded the frontal organisation of Phungcham for organising the old age traditional festival in a grand manner. He also expressed gratitude to the villagers for safeguarding and keeping alive the age-old practice of our forefathers.

Phokreingam Pheirei elaborated on the nature of the traditional festival and the significance of celebrating Luita Phanit. He implored that the celebration marks the beginning of a new year for the villagers and expressed hope that that it will prosperity and unity among the villagers.

Ngazip Hao Yarnao of Phungcham presented Haolaa- traditional folk songs under the guidance of Ani Yorngamla Horam, Ani Shaireiwon Horam and Ani Philangam Zimik. The three elders, while taking out their precious time, had taught the Yarnao the haolaa and thus kept alive the history and identity of the community and at the same time passing on the rich culture to the younger generation.

The villagers also demonstrated the pounding of rice in traditional methods. One of the significant events of the festival is the “Majee Khanai” by Alice Horam, Awungvą of Phungcham. After observing proper norms and traditional rituals, the Awungvą makes announcements to the villagers about which crops to be sown for bountiful harvest on the year. Awungvą Alice Horam, after performing the “Majee Khanai” officially declared and opened the villagers to go and till their field.

Phungcham Village is considered one of the oldest villages among the Tangkhul community. It is believed to be a dispersing point for a group of people who migrated from Makhel.

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