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LOUSHAL decries appointment of MCS officer as director of Agriculture Department

Loumee Sinmee Apun Lup Manipur members during the press meet

LOUSHAL contended that experts in the field should head the department. 

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Loumee Sinmee Apun Lup, Manipur (LOUSHAL) decried the appointment of an MCS officer as the director of the Agricultural Department. It drew the attention of the attention of the state government to appoint an expert in the field as the head of the department. 

Speaking to media persons at Malom Awang Tuliyaima on Sunday, LOUSHAL general secretary Laishram Kiranjit said that it was unfortunate that an MCS officer has recently been appointed as the director of the Agricultural Department. Departments like Agriculture, Horticulture, Sericulture, Fishery, Veterinary, etc should be headed by someone who has studied the subject in colleges and universities. Instead the state government is appointing MCS or IAS officers who are close to the regime, he alleged. 

If such people head the departments, then they won’t be able to come up with policies and programmes that are beneficial to the farmers, he contended and accused the government of favouritism in appointing administrative officers which will be mutually beneficial to the regime. 

Kiranjit further said that the move is causing embarrassment to those who are studying the subject in colleges and universities. If the experts are not going to be made to lead the departments then the state government should abolish such institutions, he asserted. 

LOUSHAL will support any agitations by the employees of the Agricultural Department, he assured and urged the state government to appoint someone who has experience in the field of agriculture as the director of the department.

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