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Lamtinthang fights back; exhorts 41,000 plus voters of Saitu AC to wake up


Lamtinthang Haokip pointed out that Saitu AC has 271 villages, of which there are many villages where the people have not receive the benefits of various government’s flagship programmes as the past elected leaders never worked in public interest.

 TFM Kangpokpi Representative

The intending candidate of 51-Saitu AC for the upcoming 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly Election 2022, Dr Lamtinthang Haokip’s public declaration cum blessing programme was held on Saturday by massive crowd of supporters at Saitu village.

Rev. Prim Vaiphei, President, All Manipur Christian Organizations attended the function as Minister. Andrew Gangmei, working president, District Congress Committee Sadar Hills delivered the keynote address after the invocation prayer by Rev. Tingoulen Haokip, Pastor KBC Circle No.23.

Declaration of the candidate was performed by Tongmang Haokip, IRS Retd., Chief of Saitu while offertory was made by Letsei Haokip, eldest brother of the intending candidate, Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip before Rev. Prim Vaiphei invoked the blessing prayer for the intending candidate.

“2022 General Assembly election will be “threats, intimidation, and fear free election” asserted Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip while exhorting his supporters and voters to exercise their rights without fear.

Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip, who had lost in the by-election 2021, declared to fight back in the ensuing 2022 general assembly election with the ideology to address the grievances of the unreached people of the Saitu Assembly constituency while adding that Saitu AC was once the most popular constituencies of the state, however, due to the unavailability of a devoted representative, the constituency has now become one of the most retarded constituency.

He continued that the present situation of the education sector, health sectors and roads connectivity of the constituency are clear examples of the absence of devoted representatives.

He also pointed out that Saitu AC has 271 villages, of which there are many outreach villages where the people failed to receive the benefits of the various government’s flagship programmes as the past elected leaders never worked in the public interest.

While censuring the BJP led government for praising themselves as a ‘people-centric government’, Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip wondered as to why the BJP led government failed to take up any initiative to know the grievances of the public if they are truly citizen-centric?

He then slammed the BJP Government stating that they are not citizen-centric but a party-centric government.

Exhorting the more than 41,000 voters of Saitu AC to wake up and stay alert from the politician who uses muscle and money power for their gains, the intending candidate assured the people to uphold, safeguard and protect their constitutional rights and liberty.

Hundreds of supporters, village chiefs, and pastors from various villages and churches across Saitu AC taking part in the function offered blessings to Dr. Lamtinthang and prayed together for his peaceful success in the ensuing 2022 general assembly election.

Neinu Kipgen, District Mahila Congress Committee, Sadar Hils said that men, women, young and old, now have a desire to witness changes in the constituency, and everyone wishes to be on board in a new and energetic vehicle, not an old sluggish vehicle anymore.

“Time has also changed and ages as well, and now we are in a digital age from the computer age, so we must flow with changes and for that matter, we must need a young mind, and dynamic youth to lead us in the front”, she added.

Adam Kharam, social activist, Aron Chawang, Konsakhul/Lungwiram, Poupoklung, Socia worker, Rose Mangshi, Congress worker and others also spoke on the occasion.

The function was also attended by various church leaders, village chiefs, Chairmen, representatives of various civil society organizations, social activities, youth leaders, leaders of the Congress party, volunteers and leaders of Vision Saitu 2022, Youth For Change, Kuki Inpi Kangpokpi, and others.

Kuki artistes, Felix Paominlal Zou, Brownson Ngamminlen, Kimjoycy Singsit, PY Gracy, BK Kanga and Chichin Haokip enthralled the crowd on the occasion.

Dr. Lamtinthang Haokip, the INC intending candidate and his mammoth supporters also shouted a slogan, “We will Change, Saitu for Change”, etc.

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