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Images of BJP leaders, party symbol in banner of Nupi Lan observation triggers row

Nupi Lan Observation Committee seeks clarification from BJP Manipur Mahila Morcha within five days for trying to distort the sacred history of Nupi Lan, threatens agitation
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The Nupi Lan Observation Committee  on Saturday demanded clarification from the women wing of the state BJP unit (Mahila Morcha), for allegedly trying to distort the sacred history of Nupi Lan — women’s war — of 1904 and 1939 and politicise the day.
“The BJP Mahila Morcha should clarify within five days, failing which the an agitation will be launched with the people of the state,” said advisor of the observation committee Y Leirikleima  during a press conference held at the office of Protection and Preservation Committee, Manipur (PPCM) in Imphal.
Y Leirikleima further said that it was unfortunate that this year’s 82nd observation on December 12 by the Mahila Morcha tried to politicise the event.
“Why did the Mahila Morcha put the symbol of BJP in the banner of the observation, as if to mock the sacred day? Why were there photos of BJP leaders in the banner? Is it because these leaders were part of Nupi Lan, or the members of Mahila Morcha not of Manipur,” she asked.
Y Leirikleima further asserted that it was an attempt to destroy the Meira Paibi movement. The Ima Lups (mother’s associations) do not take it lightly, and are ready to face consequences if the Mahila Morcha fails to clarify within five days, she said, adding that intense agitations will be launched along with the people of the state and student bodies.
“Mahila Morcha should note that the Imas (mothers) of the state do not fear death,” she warned.
Every year, Manipur observes December 12 as “Nupi Lan Numit”, honouring the spirit and courage of the mothers who fought in the Nupi Lan of 1904 and 1939.
Stating that such instances have never happened during the observation by the state government or political parties, Y Leirikleima accused the Mahila Morcha of trying to distort history.
Representatives of several Meira Paibi groups and student bodies, including Poirei Leimarol, Nupi Samaj, AMKIL, KANGLA MEI, AMAWOVA, Tammi Chingmi, MEPWAK, CHITUWA, NYLAK, and Joint students Coordination Committee (JSCC) — MSF, AMSU, KSA, SUK — also attended the press conference.
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