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Fish fingerlings released in streams of Ukhrul


Release of fish fingerlings in the hill streams of Phungcham Rangatak Kong, Somdal Kongrei, Challou River and Ihang River of Ukhrul District Manipur were taken up on Monday.

TFM Ukhrul Correspodent

Around 20000 fingerlings were released in the streams of Phungcham Rangatak Kong, Somdal.Kongrei, Challou River and Ihang River under the initiative of Khashim Vashum, Hon’ble Minister Transport, Veterinary and Animal Husbandry, Manipur.

Around 5000 each fingerlings were liberated in the four mentioned river which falls under 45-Chingai Assembly Constituency. The fingerlings of common carp, grass carp and rohu were procured from Department of Fisheries, Manipur at a subsidies rate.

The fingerling has been packed and transported from Imphal to Ukhrul. The fingerling was then transported from Ukhrul to the four location. In some cases like Phungcham, the villagers had to carry some kilometres and release the fingerling in the stream.

Elders of Phungcham, Sharei Pheirei while expressing gratitude to Minister Khashim Vashum appealed the local and neighbouring villagers to let the fingerlings propagate to adult.

Today’s initiative will increase the numbers of fishes in the hill streams of Ukhrul. Due to use of chemicals and dynamo as a means for fishing in the streams, the people have witnessed decreased in numbers of fishes in the rivers.

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