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European Manipuri Association seeks urgent attention to ‘humanitarian crisis’ in Manipur


“The situation in Manipur undeniably falls within the purview of the R2P obligations, as innocent lives are being lost, and communities are being subjected to targeted violence and displacement”, argued EMA.

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European Manipuri Association (EMA) has sought the attention of the New Delhi to take “immediate and decisive action” so as to address the “humanitarian crisis” faced by Manipur today.

In a memorandum dated June 14, submitted to the High Commission of India, London, EMA’s chairperson Sagolsem Biramani said that as a result of a violent conflict between two communities, the situation has deteriorated rapidly, with thousands of houses being burnt down and tens of thousands of people internally displaced.

“The violence is allegedly orchestrated by heavily armed militants who are inflicting immense suffering upon innocent civilians”, said the representation.

“Our greatest concern is the fact that armed militants and unlawfully armed individuals (and groups) are burning down entire villages and indiscriminately killing innocent people. Their actions have caused immense fear, loss of life, and displacement of a large number of vulnerable individuals. The crisis has been further exacerbated by the blockade of national highways by these militants, preventing the delivery of essential commodities to the affected population, thereby exacerbating the suffering of innocent civilians”, said EMA.

EMA also expressed concern that the “central government” has taken over the security of the state but has not been control the situation. It stated, “it is disheartening that, despite more than a month having passed since the outbreak of the violence and the deployment of tens of thousands of extra security forces, the armed militants continue to operate with impunity. The situation demands urgent intervention to rein in on the militants and put an end to the violence, thus safeguarding the lives and well-being of the affected population”.

EMA drew the attention of the Government of India to the principle of Responsibility to Protect (R2P) as outlined in the United Nations Charter. The R2P doctrine places a moral and legal obligation on the international community to protect populations from mass atrocities, including ethnic cleansing, war crimes, and crimes against humanity. “The situation in Manipur undeniably falls within the purview of the R2P obligations, as innocent lives are being lost, and communities are being subjected to targeted violence and displacement”, argued EMA.

“Furthermore due to the ongoing conflict in the neighbouring country Myanmar there is an issue of people coming into Manipur through its porous border exacerbating in the current crisis. We strongly urge that the Government of India take immediate steps to open Foreigner Regional Registration Offices (FRRO) in the border areas of Manipur. The establishment of FRRO offices would enable efficient registration and documentation of refugees, ensuring that they are granted the necessary legal protections, assistance, and support” added EMA.

The association has also requested the Indian High Commissioner in London, to take immediate and decisive action to address this humanitarian crisis. Following are the points of requests made:

1. Engage with relevant authorities within the Indian government to expedite efforts to rein in all armed militants, unlawfully armed individuals (and groups) and restore peace and security in Manipur.

2 Facilitate the necessary measures to reopen national highways to ensure the uninterrupted flow of essential commodities and humanitarian aid to the affected population.

3. Raise awareness of this humanitarian crisis within the international community and collaborate with relevant organizations, including the United Nations, to garner support and assistance for the affected communities.

4. To open FRRO offices in the border areas of Manipur which will facilitate the registration and documentation of refugees and IDPs, ensuring their access to essential services, protection, and support.

EMA said by “acting swiftly and decisively, you will not only alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians but also demonstrate India’s commitment to upholding the principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter, particularly the Responsibility to Protect; we urgently need your attention and help to achieve this”.

“We also kindly request your support in appealing to the people of Indian origin in the UK to exercise responsible communication and refrain from sharing or spreading information that is misleading or can be considered disinformation. I also request you for your support in facilitating an immediate call from all sections of the society in Manipur including religious heads and CSOs”, said EMA.

FULL TEXT EMA Memorandum

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