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Desist from indulging in ‘nefarious behavior’, COCOMI tells Meetei ‘nationalists’; Pays tribute to ‘martyrs’


On the occasion of its second convention held on Friday, COCOMI called on Meetei brethren to desist from participating in the current crisis in a “fragmented, disorganized manner”

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Paying its “highest respect” to the brave Meetei martyrs who had sacrificed their lives for the motherland while endorsing the resolutions of the first people’s convention held on June 7, the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) on Friday asked the people to desist from indulging in “nefarious behavior inimical to Meetei society’s ethics, and to uphold accepted standards of ethical behavior”.

On the occasion of its second convention held on Friday, COCOMI called on Meetei brethren to desist from participating in the current crisis in a “fragmented, disorganized manner,” but instead contribute all their might under a “unified leadership and strategy to decisively defeat the enemy”.

In a press statement, COCOMI said its second convention reached consensus on the “war” since May 3 allegedly imposed by the “immigrant Chin-Kuki narco-terrorist aggressors” on the Meeties to wipe out the roots of the Meetei community with the agenda of carving out a homeland turning Manipur into the second Golden Triangle. The committee observed that the “Meetei-Kuki war” has become progressively grave and has reached a “concerning phase” because of the inability of the Meetei community to be under a “united leadership” with a strategy. COCOMI said that the “fragmented nature, the phenomenon of acting on one’s own whims and fancies, and turning on one another” have jeopardized the ability to “decisively defeat the enemies”.

“Since the war is an existential question of survival or decimation of the Meetei Community, therefore it is imperative to assert that this is a war we must win at all costs, It is the need of the hour to resolve anew for all our brethren to desist from engaging the War in a fragmented, disorganized manner”, said a press note issued COCOMI.

The convention held on Friday, after a detailed deliberation, unanimously adopted the following resolutions:
• “To completely and decisively defeat the Immigrant Chin-Kuki Narco-Terrorist Aggressors in this war with them, the people of Manipur hereby resolve to unite and fight Together under a unified strategy;
• This war is between the people of Manipur and the Immigrant Chin-Kuki Narco-Terrorist Aggressors. Therefore, in this war, it is resolved that we will immediately desist from turning on one another;
• To resolutely stand against any demand of ‘Separate Administration’ in Manipur and to Pressurize the Government with a strong conviction in this regard;
• To completely uproot the Narco-terrorism promoted by the immigrant sections of the Chin-Kukis, and to resolutely face any eventuality that it might bring about in its wake in The future;
• To revive the degraded conditions of our ecology/environment, which is a direct consequence of narco-terrorism, by taking up conservation activities in the forests following the path of our forefathers;
• To demand the Government of India and the Government of Manipur for a scientific NRC exercise based on a particular cut-off date (1951/1961) in Manipur;
• To demand the government to reinstate the displaced victims to their original houses, Or to set aside and arrange a substantial amount of funds to resettle them in places where they self-assessed to be convenient and conducive to economic activities;
• To demand the government to ensure the accurate determination of the causes of the conflict and to bring about a just, peace based on a fair disbursal of justice;
• To communicate the message that the Meetei Nationalists and the Village Defendersccmust not involve in any nefarious behavior inimical to Meetei society’s ethics, and to Uphold the accepted standards of ethical behavior;
• Since our community has been historically plagued by poverty and also, we are currently faced with the reality of an unavoidable war, it is resolved that we need to rekindle our past culture of hard work, mutual cooperation at the level of the village and the locality and the nature of working collectively to improve our economic condition. Also, resolved that planting of two-time yielding winter crops like Quinoa, sunflower,wheat, maize, etc should be arranged besides resolving to demand the government to Provide additional security cover to those paddy fields which have not yet started the Transplanting
• Considering the grave situation we are facing, closing down of keithel, calling bandhs, Etc. only contribute to worsening the already precarious economic situation, and this Amounts to hurting ourselves and thus, becoming a factor for potential defeat in this war. Therefore, resolved that there will be no more closing down of keithel and calling of bandhs again;
• Immediate call for a special assembly session”.

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