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COVID-19: MLA Nemcha come up with more strategies to combat the second wave in Kpi AC

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The MLA also exhorted the COVID Task Force to help the medical department in the vaccination programme by collecting Aadhaar card of 45 years and above in their respective areas for vaccination  

TFM Kangpokpi Representative

Kangpokpi AC MLA, Nemcha Kipgen, the lone woman MLA of the BJP led coalition Government in Manipur, who has a medical background had always set an example in combating the dreaded COVID-19 since its first wave in the district and her assembly constituency in particular.
With the second wave sweeping the state and hitting hard Kangpokpi, MLA Nemcha Kipgen yet again come up with new diplomatic strategies and a sacrificial attitude to combat the dreaded second wave in her constituency.

Chairing another review meeting with the district administration, district police, medical department and area/village level COVID Task Force under her constituency at Conference Hall, DC office Kangpokpi today, MLA Nemcha Kipgen introduce various strategies and sacrificial attitude to be executed and enforce by the district administration, medical department, police and COVID Task Force.

Taking stock of the situation, the MLA review the activities carried out by the area/village COVID Task Force constituted after the first review meeting while ensuring that COVID protocols, advisories and guidelines are strictly enforced as a preventive measure in her Constituency.

The Area/Village level COVID Task Force which was constituted by MLA Nemcha Kipgen in respect of Kangpokpi Assembly Constituency reported their activities taken up in ensuring COVID guidelines and SOPs in their respective area, assisting the district administration, police, health care workers and other frontline workers, monitoring price hike and essential commodities, etc. in close coordination with SDO Kangpokpi who is the overall in-charge of the task force during the meeting.

The local MLA announced the temporary appointment of COVID Task Force ambulance driver to evacuate asymptomatic patients from their home to Community Home Isolation Centre at BJP Office in respect of Kangpokpi AC which she will bear the monthly salary of the ambulance driver on humanitarian ground while conveying that the state Government will also provide one Anesthesiologist shortly for COVID Care Centre Leikop in the district.

She also becomes the first MLA to set another example of humanity during the second wave of the pandemic COVID-19 by assuring that she will bear the cost for food for any COVID patients from Kangpokpi AC who genuinely could afford it while staying at COVID Care Centre while exhorting that no COVID patients and family member who are below poverty line shall not be worried of food for the patients at COVID Care Centre.

Till now, there is no provision of mess catering to the COVID patients at COVID Care Centre. However, the district administration Kangpokpi had for the past few days serve food to all the COVID patients at COVID Care Centre Leikop in Kangpokpi but decided to give the responsibility back to the respective family owing to financial condition and increasing of COVID patients. Owing to such condition, the MLA decided to help those genuinely poor COVID patients from her constituency by bearing their food cost while combating the virus at COVID Care Centre and it has become the first of its kind in the state.

Mess catering issue at COVID Care Centre and Community Home Isolation Centre for Kpi AC has also been discussed in the meeting and the local MLA suggested that any willing organization be allowed to open centralized mess service at the two centres so that safety for both patient’s family and the public is maintained but it was yet to be finalized.

However, she cautioned that if a centralized mess service is to be open, it should be done with the full preventive measure by following strict SOPs and the food shall be supply through packaging which the patients party shall afford the food cost.

“As I assured, I will bear the food cost of any COVID patients who are genuinely not in a position to afford the cost”, asserted the MLA.

The MLA also centralising mess service by a sensible and dedicated organization is suggested because for patients from far-flung area arranging food or dropping it from home on daily basis by their family will not be feasible.

“Human lives are more important than anything else during this health crisis, so let us not hesitate to sacrifice ourselves to serve humankind during this pandemic”, said MLA Nemcha while exhorting COVID Task Force of her constituency in the meeting.

The MLA said that God will protect us apart from maintaining self prevention while we help others in such a crisis.

She also exhorted the COVID Task Force team to serve humanity in competition attitude while assuring that she will reward any COVID Task Force of her constituency who could minimize the increasing surge of positive cases in their respective areas through effective enforcement and ensuring COVID appropriate behaviours.

The MLA continued that with the shortage of manpower in the medical department and district police, the role of the COVID Task Force has become very important for the safety of the people and exhorted all the COVID Task Force to work committedly and dedicatedly in the larger interest of humanity.

She then instructed the medical department to equip the COVID Task Force with basic knowledge and skill of preventive measures by imparting awareness on how to deal with COVID patients and hands-on oximeter, etc.

The MLA also exhorted the COVID Task Force to help the medical department in the vaccination programme by collecting Aadhaar card of 45 years and above in their respective areas for vaccination while adding that the respective area chiefs, Village Authority shall arrange required infrastructures and accommodation for the vaccination program and food for the health workers and other frontline workers engage in the vaccination program.

DC Kangpokpi, Somorjit Salam said that the formation of COVID Task Force in Kangpokpi AC by the local MLA prior to the announcement of the state Government has immensely helped the district administration, medical department and police in ensuring COVID appropriate behaviours, etc.

He said that following the announcement of the formation of village-level COVID Task Force by the Government Rs. 1000/- each will be paid to all the COVID Task Force per day while exhorting the task force to set an example through dedication and commitment in serving the people.

He also pointed out the vast role to be played by the COVID Task Force and suggested that sealing of containment and identification of eligible COVID patients for home isolation could be monitor and mend by the COVID Task Force.

The IAS officer said that the district administration had started a campaign of COVID Free Village in the district with an aim to give the essence of responsibility and pride to all the village to become a COVID free village.

DC Kangpokpi also pointed out that timely treatment and timely intervention of the concerned responsibility individuals or family in identifying infection of the virus could avoid fatality as most fatality cases so far in Kangpokpi was owing to late identification of infection and late treatment.

While considering the big role and responsibilities of the fire service in the sanitization, the meeting also decided that the three MLAs of Kangpokpi, Saitu and Saikul AC shall provide fuel to the fire substation.

Meanwhile, MLA Nemcha Kipgen has provided more protective gears including PPEs, mask, gloves, sanitizers, etc. to the district administration, MO in-charge of District Hospital Kangpokpi and Kalapahar PHC, Police Department, Fire Service, and the seven COVID Task Force of Kangpokpi AC while providing financial assistance to the COVID Task Force for their fuel.

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