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Congress refutes JP Nadda’s allegations against party

Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee working president I Hemochandra (Left) speaking to the media

Congress maintained that the developments that the state is witnessing today were initiated by the Congress regime.

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Congress on Sunday refuted the allegations made by BJP national president JP Nadda during his speech on Saturday are baseless and Congress should have been given credit for the developmental works in the state. 

Apart from blaming Congress on baseless grounds, JP Nadda did not utter any new roadmap for the election bound state, said Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee working president I Hemochandra during a press conference at Congress Bhawan, Imphal on Sunday. 

Hemochandra maintained that apart from speaking on the national narrative, JP Nadda did not mention any Manipur centric issues or burning issues of the state.

It was unfortunate that the BJP national president did not mention about the brutal killing of Athuan Abonmai, the contentious ADC Bill, price rise and the suppression of freedom of expression, amongst others, he said. 

The MPCC working president further said that Nadda gave misleading information to the public regarding development of the state. The developments that we see now were taken up by the previous Congress regime. Even the law and order was improved during the 15 years Congress regime and the present government inherited it, he added. 

Nadda’s claim that the BJP government put Manipur in the railway map of the country was false and misleading, he said. It was during the UPA government in 2007 that the project was initiated, he added.. 

Hemochandra also refuted the claim made by the BJP national president that during the COVID-19 the account holders of Jan Dhan Yojana were given Rs 500 each. According to our own investigation only Rs 198 were credited in the account and people know this better, he added. 

Even though cooking gas connections are given under the Ujjwala Yojana, the cost of refill has skyrocketed, he said. The claim that more than two lakhs toilets have been built in Manipur is baseless, as almost 90 per cent were built during the Congress government, he added. 

Speaking at the press conference, MPCC working president K Meghachandra refuted Nadda’s allegation that “corruption, commission, criminalisation” was the order of the day during the Congress regime.  

The rate of corruption has increased manifold since the BJP came to power, he asserted. Almost all the departments of the state government are filled with corrupt practices. The worst is the finance department. 3 per cent of funds are being charged by the department, he alleged. 

Meghachandra also questioned the status of the ILP system in the state. Without a base year and provision to protect land, it is useless, he added. 

Replying to queries by media persons, MPCC president N Loken said that the BJP leaders are claiming that more Congress MLAs are joining BJP since they are certain of defeat and are now trying to destroy the Congress party. Those Congress MLAs who had jumped ships are nowhere to be seen in the government and they have been destroyed (politically) by BJP, he added. 

The Congress party has not lost anything when some of its members jumped ship, he said and added that they are businessmen and not politicians. They only see profit and as such they are always on the lookout for it. Come December, the BJP party will be in deep trouble, he added. 

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