UKLF observes its 26th Raising Day

By FrontierManipur | Published On 29th Mar, 2021, 10:58 GMT+0530

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UKLF cadres during the raising day

Chairman SS Haokip extended his warm greetings to the village chiefs, CSOs leaders, the general public and all ranks of national workers

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United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) on Monday observed its 26th Raising Day Celebration.  In his message to mark raising day of UKLF, its chairman SS Haokip extended his warm greetings to the village chiefs, CSOs leaders, the general public and all ranks of national workers.

“As we celebrate the 26 years of God Faithfulness and blessing, I give my highest salutation to Bravehearts of all ranks and file who got martyred while journeying towards our destiny. We honoured and remembered their solemn sacrifices for the nation and extended our utmost respects to their families,” he said in a press statement.

Narrating the history of UKLE, the chairman said “it was with the absence patriotism and true nationalism for the love of our ancestral land and protection of our people from external forces by the then organization operating in Chandel and Tengnoupal region UKLF takes its birth.”

With losing hope and faith on the then organisation, the village chiefs, social leaders had a consultative meeting at Palace Compound, Imphal, on the 29th March, 1995 who later vowed to form an organisation that would protect the land and its people from any kind of threats, later the meeting unanimously resolves to name it as United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF), he added.

“Though UKLF was formed on that day, there were not a single arms present with them, but with the blessing and support of God and its people UKLF today could operates with full swing in arms to maintain peace and development in the region and able to protect the land and its people from any types of unbecoming. Since its birth, UKLF is closely working with the people and has conducted several military operations in the region so as to safeguard and protect its people from the bondage of atrocities and hardship,” he claimed.

Haokip further said, “Though the celebration of 26the Raising Day in a particular place is not possible due to the pandemic, I request all the respected village chiefs, social leaders, and the general public to kindly continue remembering us in all your prayers and continue to support and guide us in protecting our ancestral land until we achieve our goals.”

He directed all “brave soldiers of all ranks and national workers of UKLF to celebrate this occasion with prayers, seeking God’s continued blessing in the days to come”. “Also, always remember the sacrifice of our today will shape our people’s tomorrow,” he added.

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