The Frontier Manipur offers explanation on breach of privilege and contempt of House notice

By FrontierManipur | Published On 20th Feb, 2021, 03:36 GMT+0530

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Manipur Legislative Assembly

In compliance with the notice issued by the Secretary Manipur Legislative Assembly Secretariat, The Frontier Manipur (TFM) has offered its explanation. The explanation is a reiteration of an argument that the news portal has not breached the privilege of the House resulting in contempt.

The full text of the explanation is as follows albeit sans the annexures included in the hard copy of the reply submitted to the Assembly Secretariat on Saturday. The full text of the same is presented below for public consumption.


The Secretary

Manipur Legislative Assembly Secretariat

Subject: Explanation on Breach of Privilege and Contempt of the House

Respected Madam,

With reference to a Breach of Privilege and Contempt of the House notice served on the editor of The Frontier Manipur No. 3/9(1)/2017-LA (Legn.) Imphal, the February 19, 2021, I, the undersigned, the Editor-in-Chief of The Frontier Manipur humbly submit the following as an explanation of the matter for your kind perusal as called for.

  1. The Frontier Manipur, henceforth TFM, an online news portal had on February 17, 2021 published a news item headlined “State has no say regarding AFSPA, it is under the purview of union govt, says CM Biren”. The TFM website link of the news item is as follows: (Annexure 1)
  • The news item was published based on a press release forwarded by Directorate of Information & Public Relations (DIPR), Government of Manipur. TFM Desk had just brought into focus the later part of the DIPR report and reproduced the same with close exactness to the DIPR content. The DIPR website link of the same news is as follows: (Annexure 2) and a PDF copy of the same as a press release forwarded to the email id of TFM [email protected] has also be enclosed for your perusal. (Annexure 3 and 4)
  • When anyone makes an impartial assessment of the TFM news item, it will be amply clear that the headline as well as the content (para 1 and 2) have been based on what has been provided in the press release by DIPR (para 6), (source of information for the news has been marked yellow in Annexure 2 and 3) which is under the Government of Manipur headed by the Honourable Chief Minister who is also the leader of the house.
  • The Frontier Manipur as an online news portal has no intention to neither mislead the public nor give wrong reports as is being made out to be and the portal’s intent is honestly clear about making news out of what has been provided by a directorate run by the government under the able leadership of the Honourable Chief Minister.
  • TFM is well aware of the fact that wrong reporting of the proceedings of the House amounts to a Breach of Privilege and Contempt of the House. However, the news portal’s only source for the news item was an official press communique released and mandated by the state government. If the DIPR source was wrongly reporting the proceedings of the House, the source should be kept checked and scrutinized under the watchful eyes and ears of the ruling government headed by the honourable Chief Minister.
  • Therefore, Madam, what have been cited above can only be the explanation that TFM can offer to the august and dignified House whose esteemed members are democratically elected by the citizens of our great state Manipur.
  • TFM humbly request your kind office to carefully peruse and scrutinize the matter and explanation offered so that the democratic sanctity of the House is kept aloft.
  • TFM will be more than happy to extend all possible cooperation in finding the real source of what the Leader of the House invariably and obliquely termed as misinformation and wrong reporting.

Thank you.

With deep regards


Dhiren A. Sadokpam


The Frontier Manipur


  1. Annexure 1 – The Frontier Manipur Report –The TFM website link of the news item
  2. Annexure 2 – DIPR REPORT-The DIPR website link of the same news
  3. Annexure 3 – DIPR Press Released Received by TFM-PDF copy of the same as a press release forwarded by DIPR
  4. Annexure 4 – Mail Sender DIPR-Proof of receipt of the press release

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